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In this tutorial we are going to learn “How to Submit a form without Page Refresh in PHP using JQuery”, This is quite a very simple task but it becomes tough when you are totally new to this. So I am going to explain this line by line so you can easily learn form submission using AJAX. Just for my users knowledge, i have a very simple form here that [...]

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Most of us using A to Z sorting in our project while filtering data. Let’s suppose i have penality if users in my database and i want to fiter them on the base of alphabets. Situation is if i click “A” it should display all records related to A, If a Click “N” it should display all records starting with “N”.                   [...]

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CodeIgniter Email Class built for handling double-byte characters is really bad, cannot be properly set up Charest UTF-8. Here I want to share my information to use Codeigniter and PHPmailer together. In this way you can send any type of codes in Email Body.  We have to follow few steps to use PHPmailer with CodeIgniter. 1-      Download PHPmailer from original site. 2-      Extract the downloaded “Zip” file. 3-      Open the [...]

Functional programming is a programming paradigm that treats computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions and avoids state and mutable data. It emphasizes the application of functions, in contrast to the imperative programming style, which emphasizes changes in state. Functional programming has its roots in lambda calculus, a formal system developed in the 1930s to investigate computability, the Noninterchangeable, function definition, function application, and recursion. Many functional programming languages can be viewed as elaborations on the lambda calculus. PHP has the following characteristics that make it support functional programming. They include: [...]

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In our today’s tutorial we will learn about codeigniter installation on our local server or web host. So we need to follow the following steps: =>Download Current version of Codeigniter. =>Unzip Codeigniter folder and then copy in your server root folder e.g C://wamp/htdocs/ =>Now simply rename the folder “e.g myWebsite” =>Here comes the actual phase to config items. Open myWebsite/application/config/config.php =>Change base_url at line 17 =>Now open your browser and [...]

I am today going to provide Ajax sorting in PHP. I will use a “users”  MySQL table for my tutorial. I will divide my tutorial in few steps so that I can let you understand Sorting using AJAX easily. My very first step is to create a table in MySQL, you can copy this query and execute this in SQL section of your tool. 1 2 3 4 5 6 [...]

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Export mysql as csv is mostly needed when you need to import data to some other database, wherever you wanted to use. I am giving my today’s release in that case, this is complete tested code to export MySQL as csv, whatever you need is to change the query section of this code. I hope it would full fill all your requirements, it it does then do’t forget to comment. Here [...]

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Money is in the list of every single person in the world. All of us know this. That’s why you should care about increasing your subscribers if you are running a blog. A lot of blogs shows to you the most common places to add your subscription box, but I thought why don’t we share the rarely used places and that can bring us more subscribers. So, usual places + [...]

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I am happy to write about PHPMailer class, let’s learn that how to send and email using PHPMailer. In this tutorial we will talk about how to use HTML Templates as an email, attatch files with your email using PHPMailer. Here we will use the following files to as sample for newbies. index.php send_email.php contents.html images/logo1.png images/engr_mudasir.jpg Our index file contains a form that will ask for an email address [...]

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Blogging is a very pretty source since it gives you an chance to share your voice and views on any topic. It is also becoming more and more popular by every passing day. Many people want to start blogging but they are not sure of how to start with it. What to do, how to do and things like that. If you want to start blogging, I would suggest you [...]

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