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There are many platforms that offer to add header and footer code manually But, I have worked on plentiful sites and custom themes where this functionality doesn’t subsist. Most users, however, will indeed want to add some sort of meta information or Google Analytics to their WordPress blog at some point.

To solve this problem, I use a custom plugin on my sites called Insert Headers and Footers for WordPress. Not only is it awfully simple and easy to use without a bunch of puzzling options, the biggest advantage is that instead of having to use a dozen different plugins to add various scripts and meta tags to your header or footer you can just add them all in one speck. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to insert code to you WordPress header or footer using this simple plugin.

First, download and install Insert Headers and Footers for WordPress.

Now go to Settings » Insert Headers and Footers

Here you can see two text boxes where you can simply add your code. Copy and paste any meta information, scripts, Google Analytics, etc and click “save settings”. This code will now be output to your specific places(Either Header or Footer)

Download Insert Headers and Footers for WordPress


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  • Asif

    Good informative tutorial.