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What cause the blue screen of death?

The blue screen of death occurs when windows encounters a strange situation it does not know how to handle, such as a hardware problem or software clash. There are as many specific causes as there are stars in the sky.

Sometimes the BSOD error message is semi-helpful, representing that a software application (it would not tell you which one!) Has caused a general security error, which in plain English means that a software application has behaved badly by intruding on memory (RAM) reserved for another application.

Some blue screens show that an invalid page fault has occurred, which in plain English means that your software applications  was unable to find and retrieve information your computer had stored temporarily in virtual memory on your hard disk. Information is stored momentarily on the hard disk when your system runs out of real memory, also known as random access memory (RAM). Adding real memory to your computer reduces the need for your computer to store information in virtual memory on your hard disk and can reduce the number of invalid page-fault-related blue screens of death.

The annoying thing about blue screens of death is that the error messages do not tell you distinctively what caused the problem or how to prevent it from happening again.

From my experience, the vast majority (95%or more) of blue screens are software related, caused by an ill-behaved application or a disagreement between applications.

It follows that the more applications you have running at the same time as on your computer, the more often you will see the blue BSOD. I get a blue screen of death on my computer about once a week, I am not happy about the situation, but neither am I surprised or nervous. Since you cannot plan for a blue screen of death, my advice is to save your work early and often. Over the years I have gotten into the habit of pressing Ctrl+S – the standard keystroke combination used to save your work in any windows application – every few minutes. I am not even conscious that I am doing it anymore its automatic. I cannot remember the last time I lost more than a few keystrokes of work due to a blue screen of death.

What to do when you get a blue screen of death?

In most cases, when you get the BSOD, you have lost whatever you were working on, and you will have to reboot your computer. If you are fortunate enough to get back to where you were without rebooting, your system is now unstable, and the smart thing to do at this point is to save your work and re start your computer to clear out whatever condition caused the BSOD.

I recommend doing a

  •   Cold reboot—shutting your computer down completely and then restarting it to    reset everything and get the cleanest reboot possible.

Sometimes an application crashes without causing the BSOD if you are successful in exiting out of that application you should assume that your system is now unstable.

  • Rebooting might prevent you from getting a BSOD.

Strange as it may seem the irregular BSOD is usually nothing to worry about rebooting the system almost always solve whatever problem windows had encountered, and problem might not occur again for weeks ,or the next BSOD might be caused by entirely different odd conditions.

If the BSOD occurs so often that it seems like your standard user interface, you have a very serious problem. You will need to determine whether a specific set of circumstances or a specific change to your system caused the rhythmic problems.

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