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These terms sound very similar. But there is great difference between website designing  and website development. When you are looking for someone to build the website, then it is  important to know these two.

Website Designing:

Web design determines the look and feel of a website. It is the art of making website attractive with good visibility. Designers are trained in HTML. With a good designer you’ll get a good looking website that users will be able to found around. It covers navigations and colors of website than functions. In this era, more concentration is toward aesthetic appeal of website to attract more users.  A good designer will design a website to fit for the product truly.

Website Development:

In contrast, website development provides more functions and defines features of website. This is the art of making website that does things. In this era of website, developers are asked to define the functionality of website. Special type of website development languages are used to define the functionality of website. These languages might be ASP,, PHP etc. For example defining Login session, E-commerce website. The greatest example of website development with extra functionality is Facebook.


Website Designing Skills:

A good designer will have to be creative and innovative. He will have to create designs that can compete the market designs as well. He/She should be enabling to create design according to website category.

Website Development Skills:

A good developer will have excellent programming skills. A developer will be able to handle different programming tools. He or she will have to be strong enough to define the functionality of website according to the category of website.

It is tough for one person to be both an excellent designer and excellent developer. There is conflict between both of these.

Website Designing Tools:

Website designers usually use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash. They also have some experience in photography and color matching.

Website Developer Tools:

Website developers use programming language tools to develop specific type of codes. These are so called IDEs. They choose as they choose the programming language. For example PHP experts will search for PHP editors. Adobe Dreamweaver is most commonly used for website development. While ASP developers use Microsoft editors.


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    Website design determine look and feel of website where as website development define the functionality of website, both are slightly different thing. This article help to understand major difference between them.

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      Website Designing and Website Development and greatly differentiated from one and another. The huge difference between both of these is the Back-End and Front-End story.

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    Web design and development are imperative and play comparable role to
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