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Once you have published a website on internet, now the question is that “how to get more traffic to your website?”. In solution of this query there are many possible ways to get more traffic to your website. One of them is “Social Media Marketing”. So before going into the deep of SMM, it is necessary to know “what is Social Media Marketing”.

Using this way you can generate more traffic for your website. Just by following some simple steps that normally involves in your daily life.


Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic through social media sites. For example twitter is social media site that offers its users to share short messages or posts with others. As I have done in the example:

For best practice post something appealing and provide a back link to your website in your tweet. I have posted example to clarify.
Second major example is Facebook, where you can share any kind of posts with your friends, professionals and sometimes your family members.

And many other Social media marketing websites are available on internet, you can build relations there. These are the free processes of redirecting free traffic to your website. Join groups at several social media websites (where you can have your targeted audience). For better practices, build relations and repute there. Don’t ever try to ditch your audience.
If you take an example of real world, you are building relations with your friends, giving them gifts, in response of this you will have some respect from your friends. Whenever you will need their support they will feel easy to support you, because they have trust on you.
In similar way manage your social media websites.

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